Boaters Pool Deck
Boaters Pool Deck


Dress Code

  1. All hats worn forward
  2. No brimless headgear. (bandanas, skullcaps, etc.)
  3. No athletic jerseys. (except football events)
  4. No long t-shirts hanging below pants pockets
  5. No extra-long shorts below the bottom of the calf
  6. No excessively long collared / bottom-up shirts
  7. No offensive, vulgar and / or inappropriate clothing
  8. No white sleeveless undershirts
  9. No thong suits
  10. No motorcycle colors
  11. Pants & shorts must be worn around the waist
  12. No Glow sticks or laser pointers
Tiki Lee's Dock Bar
4309 Shore Road
Sparrows Point, MD 21219
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Tiki Lee's Rockfish Invitational
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