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Exclusive Limited Membership CaRD

Use it at all three Lee's locations!

How it works

  • You will be issued a LEE'$ LOYALTY BUCK$ Rewards Card with an ID number printed on the card.
  • Each month, a $70 charge will be applied to your credit card, and we will add $100 to your Lee'$ Loyalty Buck$ Rewards card, which can be redeemed at any of our three locations.
  • This is a 1 year membership that will automatically renew.
  • On the 11th month of your membership anniversary, you will have the option to cancel if you do not want your annual membership to renew automatically.
  • Your Rewards card and the balance of your LEE'$ LOYALTY BUCK$ will expire 18 months after your last LEE'$ LOYALTY BUCK$ Purchase.

Please remember, this is a limited quantity Rewards Card. If you choose not to renew your card, you may lose the opportunity to a future LEE'$ LOYALTY BUCK$ Rewards Membership.

In the event of a lost LEE'$ LOYALTY BUCK$ Rewards card, we offer a replacement card for a fee of $5. The lost card will be electronically deactivated, and the balance at the time of reporting the loss will be transferred to the new card.

Start Your Subscription

We are now accepting Subscriptions for your LEE'$ LOYALTY BUCK$ program.

You can conveniently register and make your first month's payment online.

If you register after the program's kickoff on November 1st, 2023, your LEE'$ LOYALTY BUCK$ rewards card will be issued for use starting the subsequent month. For instance, if you register for your annual membership in December 2023, your rewards will commence on January 1st, 2024.

Authorization Form

Step One

I have selected "Yes, I agree" below, indicating that I  authorize Lee's Restaurant Group to charge my credit card $70 monthly to maintain my annual membership in Lee'$ Loyalty Buck$ rewards program.

Step Two

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